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June 29, 2021

Important Notice from Heguang Lighting

TO Heguang All Clients


Thanks very much for the long-term trust and support with Heguang Lighting.

Effected by the epidemic,we are facing some big challenges:


1)Chips shortage makes the prices increasing and products deliver time 15-25 days delay

2)shipping cost crazy high

3)Booking difficult,sea shipping arrive time 20-60 days extend

4)Congestion at destination port,unload time 10-20days extend


Now the import and export trading are increasing,economic is in big recover,we highly suggest you

2 to 3 monthsto ahead the purchase plan in case of big delay and makes great effect on the peak

season selling.

Any question feel free to contact us at:


Shenzhen Heguang Lighting Co.,Ltd


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