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QC Profile

Accordance with ISO9001 quality certification management system,all products with 30 steps strict inspections before shipment,raw material inspection standard:AQL,finished products inspection standard:GB/2828.1-2012. the main testing:electronic testing,led aging testing,IP68 waterproof testing,etc.Strict inspections assure all the clients get the qualified products!

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No. Inspection Inspection machine Inspection item Inspection demands Sampling rate
1 LED detection The integrating sphere Lumens, color rendering index, color temperature, etc. Same as order specifications.
Label and package are clear and good.
100%,or return
2 Electronic components The bridge detector Resistance, inductance, capacitance and other data the error is ±5%
Label and package are clear and good.
3 shell parts of pool lamp by QC Appearance, net weight, actual assembly, high-pressure waterproof test, etc. according to QC incoming material sample standard >3‰,return
4 Led light aluminum board by QC Dimensional measurement, actual assembly, compared with a sample of the number on board and electronic circuit short-circuit detection >3‰,return
5 Screw detection 316 stainless steel syrup and vernier caliper Material inspection, size inspection 20-50pcs/ each bag 100% of samples are ok or return
6 wire detection by QC Cooper core is the same as the sample, size inspection, diameter and length same as BOM each roll 100% of samples are ok or return
7 Packing box by QC Size, the quantity of box is correct, appearance, color, the paper is the same as the sample each bag 100% of samples are ok or return
8 Power board by QC Size, test the electrical properties: current, voltage, power same as order demand. the test control function is normal. 20-50pcs/ each box >3%,return
9 Controller by QC Appearance, the function of each button on the controller and remote all button works well. >3%,return
10 Lens by QC Lens illumination angle, appearance each pcs is good 100%,or return
11 glue by QC Check that product model same as BOM, appearance, performance same as specification, deteriorate test each Barrel 100%, or return

Part two: the process inspection


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No. Production steps Inspection item
1 Preparation Check whether the materials are complete before production, and prepare for production after checking.
2 Confirmation of the first piece Before the mass production, the production technician will make the first product according to the order, and the relevant departments will carry out the inspection and confirmation of all aspects such as electricity, and the production can be confirmed after confirmation.
3 Soldering iron temperature test When the product is on the line, the soldering iron of the welding station is tested for temperature, and adjusted to the required temperature as required, and the record is archived after adjustment.
4 Electric batch torque test Torque test of the electric batch of the assembly station during mass production, and adjust to the appropriate torque according to the torque standard, ensure that the screw can be hit in place and will not slip, and record and archive after adjustment.
5 Semi-finished product aging When the product is assembled into a semi-finished product, the product is subjected to the aging test to ensure the reliability of the product. The semi-finished product is aged for 4 hours, and the aging method is impacted by aging.
6 Aging off-shelf inspection When the semi-finished product is aged, it is necessary to check all the products of the aged products by QC to check whether the product is in normal work and return to the production and repair if there is any defect. After the confirmation is completed, the aging can be ended for the next production.
7 Constant temperature and humidity assembly After the aging of the semi-finished products, the products will be assembled in the constant temperature and humidity workshop, and the electric batch will be tested and set before the assembly.
8 High-pressure waterproof test Perform a high-pressure waterproof test on the assembled product, firstly protect the product against scratches, then test and set the test pressure. After the standard test time is reached, check whether the product is waterproof or not, and the non-conforming product is returned for repair.
9 Finished product aging Perform product aging test on products that have passed the waterproof test to further ensure product reliability. The finished product is aged for 4 hours, and the aging method is impacted by aging.
10 Finished product aging inspection

After aging is completed, QC should check the product 100% to check whether the product is flickering, not bright or uncontrollable. If there is any defect, it will be returned for repair. After the inspection is completed, take a photo archive and confirm that the aging can be ended.

part three: Product shipment inspection

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No. Production steps Inspection item
1 Confirmation packaging of the first piece A lamp will be wrapped before batch-packaging, and the relevant personnel will confirm whether the label and box of the product are correct. After confirming, the package can be packaged.
2 Finished product integrating sphere test Before the packaging, the product will be integrated with the ball-sampling test to check whether the product color temperature, lumens, wavelength, etc. meet the order requirements.
3 Electrical inspection When packaging, the line inspector will conduct electrical tests on all products to check whether the product power, wick, and control functions are qualified, and the defective products will be repaired.
4 Appearance inspection When packaging, the line inspector will perform a visual inspection on all products. If there is a bad appearance, it will be repaired and replaced.
5 QC shipment inspection After the packaging is completed, the quality inspector will conduct a random inspection on all the goods according to the AQL sampling standard. After the inspection, the photo will be photographed and archived, and the next process will be carried out.
6 Sealing and packing belt After product inspection, the product is packaged, packaged, and packed. After completion, the quality inspector will take photos and archive it.
7 Drop test After packaging, the batch product will be tested for the drop and tested according to the standard of one corner and six sides. After the fall, the product will be electrically tested and visually inspected.
8 QC Report QC reports are provided by quality inspectors after all process inspections are qualified and archived.
9 Shipment After the above inspection process is completed, it can be shipped.